Let's make 2023 - 2024 our best year yet!

When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.

Walt Disney

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The brightest children

We think all of our students are exceptionally bright and their spirit is contagious!

"Fun is good" -Dr. Seuss

We find countless ways to make ordinary days a celebration at Brighton. Students show their team spirit!

Love to learn!

Our curriculum is vibrantly enriched: Kindergarteners participate in the annual Q-U wedding festivities.

New discoveries with friends

We plan a great variety of field trips and events throughout the school year. Students visited Carlton Dairy in October.

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Where the journey begins
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2023-24   Academic Calendar

August 6th  -  OPEN HOUSE
       S - Z  2:00
       M - R   2:30    
       G - L  3:00
        A - F  3:30
August 24th  FALL PICTURES
August 25th  FALL PICTURES

September 4th - Labor Day - NO School

September 10th - Grandparents Tea

September 11th - PATRIOTIC Day - Wear red, white, Blue

September 18th -  Raffle Tickets 

September 25th - 29th  FALL BREAK - No School


Start Selling Arm Bands for the Fall Festival

October 7th - Ms Essen birthday (2nd Grade)

October 17th - Vanessa's Birthday (PreK4)


October 31st - Dress-Up Day and Halloween Classroom Parties
November 16th - Thanksgiving School Feast

November 17th - 24th THANKSGIVING BREAK

November 27th - Candy Cane Grams go home.

December 2nd - SANTA Breakfast

December 19th Class Parties    1/2 DAY (Dismissal at 12:00) - NO AFTERSCHOOL

December 18th - January 5th - Christmas break

January 4th - Teacher Workday

January 8th - RETURN TO SCHOOL

January 15th - MLK Day - No School

January 17th - Valentine Photos with Ronnie - optional


February 9th- Valentine Dance, 2 years old - 5th Grade

February 14th - Valentines Day Parties

February 19th - 23rd - NO SCHOOL , Winter Break

February 28th - Ms. Duncan's Birthday, 1st Grade

***EVERY STUDENT needs to bring in 24 stuffed eggs for the Egg Hunt on March 30th***
March 4th - 

March 5th - 

March 6th- WACKY WEDNESDAY - wear your clothes backwards and missed matched

March 7th - CRAZY HAIR DAY

March 8th- SOCK DAY

March 13th  Dad's Breakfast

March 13th - Ms. Haynes Birthday (Kindergarten)

March 10th - Last Day of Grades

March 14th - Kindergarten Leprechaun Traps Due

March 16th - CLEAN UP the SCHOOL Day - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, See Jenna Roberts

March 20th - Bunny Pictures with Ronnie - Optional - Live Bunny

March 20th   Yearbook Head shots & Class Photos     2yr - 1st Grade

March 21st - Yearbook Headshots & Class Photos    2nd Grade - High School

March 26 - 29th ITBS Testing 3rd- 8th grade 
$100 test fee is due for each 3rd - 8th grade students.  This fee will be added to your Brightwheel account.  This fee covers: Testing booklet, testing answer sheet, and Professional grading.

March 28th - Easter Egg Hunts  (A few parents are needed for hiding eggs)
        2yr-1st  9am  playground
         2nd - 5th  10am  across the street
         Middle - High School  11am across the street

April 1st - 5th  Spring Break, NO SCHOOL

April 22nd - Conference Week


May 10th Mother's Dinner

May 11th - Ms. Lewis birthday, 3rd Grade

May  16th - Banquet for 6th - High School
7pm - Will be at Gracepoint Church. Please dress nicely this is a banquet. 

May 21st - WATER DAY for 2 year - 1st Grade Only
 **NO BIKINI's, Wear T-shirts (boys and girls) Wear sunscreen and water shoes, bring a  towel and a bag for your wet clothes'.  Students can come dressed in their bathing suits and change out of wet clothes.

May 21st- LAST DAY for 2 year - 1st Grade
May21st  - MOVING UP at 7pm  for 2 year - 1st Grade  at Gracepoint Church

May 22nd - WATER DAY for 2nd - 9th Grades
   **NO BIKINI's, Wear T-shirts (boys and girls) Wear sunscreen and water shoes, bring a  towel and a bag for your wet clothes'.  Students can come dressed in their bathing suits and change out of wet clothes.
May22nd MOVING UP  7pm for  2nd - 5th grade  at Gracepoint Church (6th, 7th, 8th and Hight school - Banquet is May 20th)
May 22nd Last Day of School for Grades 2nd - 9th
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