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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

Dr. Seuss

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The brightest children

We think all of our students are exceptionally bright and their spirit is contagious!

"Fun is good" -Dr. Seuss

We find countless ways to make ordinary days a celebration at Brighton. Students show their team spirit!

Love to learn!

Our curriculum is vibrantly enriched: Kindergarteners participate in the annual Q-U wedding festivities.

New discoveries with friends

We plan a great variety of field trips and events throughout the school year. Students visited Carlton Dairy in October.

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Where the journey begins
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Our learning programs:

PreK Four Year Olds

Our four year-old children are offered a challenging, stimulating environment in which to learn and grow. The program focuses on the children's readiness skills at this stage in their development. Through developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities, the children are exposed to the following skills through our daily lesson plans:

  • Pre-math
  • Pre-reading
  • Pre-writing
  • Fine Motor Skill
  • Small & Large Muscle Development

A Letter of the Week program introduces letter recognition and phonemic awareness. This is done through Learning Centers, Circle Time, Games and Saxon Phonics. The children are exposed to good literature during Story Time, and in their Listening/Read-a-long Center. They are also encouraged to read at home.

The Curriculum is enriched through our monthly themes which incorporate social studies, science, health and safety, mathematics, and art. A thematically based curriculum lends itself to making connections between concepts, ideas, language development, and vocabulary building.

Guided Reading and small group work: Upper and lower case letters and sounds, blending and segmentation, reading skills (speed, comprehension and phrasing), and concepts of print.

Math: Number recognition, and counting of numbers 1-100, before and after, count by 2's, days of week and months of year, one step story problems, patterning, and interpreting simple graphs.



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